Why is Samsung better than iPhone?

Here we are discussing about the reasons why Samsung is better than iPhone. If you are reading this article, you’re likely to be among the people who care about mobile operating systems or at least are curious about them. As you know, there are several mobile operating systems at the moment. But our discussion is on two main sides; “Android” and “iOS”.

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Main reasons why Samsung is better than iPhone:

  • easy file management
  • side memory
  • many facilities
  • easy downloading apps
  • open source and  convenient customization
  • variety in handsets and brands
  • Easy file management:

Easy file management is one of the most important concerns of many smartphone users. Frankly, Android makes file management very easy, and you can manage almost all the files on Android device memory easily. But on the other hand, iOS does not have a specific section for file management in default mode (jail break).

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Perhaps now, you say, iOS also offers its own applications and methods for file management, and this is somehow true. But if we look at the issue fairly, Android is always better in terms of offering capabilities, and basically the personalization of this operating system is one of the most important features. By purchasing any device running Android OS, you also have a default file management application that lets you easily work on the files and folders on the storage.

  •  Is it important for you to use side memory?

Certainly nobody dislikes this. But the point here is how important this feature is to you. By purchasing iOS products, you should permanently use the default internal memory of your device. And although there are ways to use flash and external memory in the device, but we mean the use of a SD card without the need for additional accessories and directly inside the device itself. Many of today’s Android flagmen, and even the bumpers of this ecosystem, support SD cards.

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  •  Simplicity is important to you or many facilities?

One of the most important questions to consider when choosing an operating system is that the simplicity of the environment is important to you, or the possibilities and the customization? You might have guessed what we mean by simplicity and capabilities.

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The iOS operating system is basically based on providing a simple interface that is easy to work with even the most ordinary users. It has been developed and has kept its simplicity till now. Even though iOS looks simple, it also provides users great features. But if you consider the features and capabilities of personalization, Android really has a head and shoulders above iOS. Because that’s the nature of this operating system. Android offers a lot more features, especially for personalizing the user interface. You can make environment of Android like iOS just with installing launcher. If you root your Android device you can even get more personalizing.

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In this operating system, you can download official or other unofficial apps and install that through (google play) or (play store). There are some apps that you should pay for to get that, but with some researches on websites you can find the free ones and download them. Games and apps are increasing in Android day by day, and we can say that Android is way better in variety of games and apps than iOS.

better than iphone -

  • It is open source and customization is very convenient.
  • There is a lot of variety in handsets and brands.

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