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Can iphones get hacked

Can iPhones get hacked: As an iPhone user, you can feel secure – but can an iPhone be hacked? The iPhone is a good reputation for protecting and hacking your personal information. But, like everything that runs on the software, it’s still vulnerable to attacks.

In other words, yes, your iPhone can be hacked.

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Can iPhones Get Hacked

If you discover “yes” answer to “Can Hack an iPhone?” and it makes you a little worried, stop worrying and take a deep breath. In this article, we will help you learn how to prevent hacks. If you think your iPhone is hacked, what should you do?

Your iPhone will be hacked if you:

  • jailbreak it
  • Connect to public WiFi networks
  • plug your iPhone into charging stations with malicious software
  • and other ways.

The good news is that usually it can almost certainly be avoided using the steps we describe in this article.

Try not to jailbreak your iPhone:

It is very important for every iPhone users to know, not to jailbreak their iPhones.

If you jailbreak your iPhone it means you want to use a program by defaulting settings of your iPhone. Now this is a treaty for iPhone users to save some money beside using technology.

But doing so also prevents many security rules that keep you and your information safe. A jailbroken iPhone can download your apps from non-Apple software stores. You might just think about how you save a few dollars, but what you really do is getting yourself into potential risks.

Try to be very careful in Public WiFi Networks:

When you are at a place where you are offered free WiFi, like in a hotel, restaurant, cafe, library or any street WiFi be careful. Because it may be hacked by a hacker and then put on  a service for people. Pretty obvious free WiFi is always liked by people. But your phone’s security is more important.

Please do not pay money or pay bills through internet If you are connected to a public WiFi. Do it when your are connected to a secure WiFi network.

Cool things to do with your iPhone

Avoid Public Chargers

In 2012, researchers from the Georgia company created a package that used a common charging port to download hack software on Apple. Hacking was done in the name of knowledge, and the team based on their findings to Apple so that they could make iPhone security harder, but the risk is still quite real.

It’s great that there are ports and common charging cables available from anywhere to the music festivals and other places. If you want to charge and stay safe, bring your portable power source to your own expense. Or, if you use a public source, lock your iPhone while it’s plugged in.

With the locked iPhone, researchers in Georgia are not able to access the phone to install malware.

can iphones get hacked -

What should you do if your iPhone is hacked?

If some strange things like below happen to your iPhone it really is scary because you should guess that you iPhone is hacked:

  • Applications downloaded on your Phone that you did not download.
  • Your history with actions that you did not do especially calls and texts that you have not done.
  • Crazy keyboard that types words that you are not typing that moment.
  • New songs on your Phone that is not downloaded by you.

In such cases what should you do immediately?

First thing you should do is, turn your internet off, or simply turn on  Airplane mode.

When your iPhone is disconnected from the network, you must take action against your hacker access to your iPhone. 

Reset your iPhone’s Settings

If you want to get rid of malware, simply Reset you iPhone. For that, Go to Settings → General → Reset.

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