Cool things to do with your iPhone

Sometimes, some of the features that are embedded in the operating system are hidden from the user’s point of view. It does not matter if you are a professional or novice; it’s important that knowing these features help you use your device more easily. If your smart phone is iPhone, you can follow trickestan to get all new ideas about usage of iPhone. Perhaps for many or almost all iPhone users these things are usual but reality is that for many users they are not even known. Here are some cool things to do with your iPhone.

Cool things to do with your iPhone

  1. Create custom vibration alerts
  2. See what apps are popular near you
  3. Tap longer for more characters
  4. Time stamp
  5. Bursts Photo
  6. Increase battery life
  7. Learn more about Occupations
  8. Direct contact with people
  9. Camera flash notifies you
  10. Hide photo
  11. Siri


Create custom vibration alerts

Do you like to recognize phone calls of your best friend without even looking at your phone? One of the options hidden in the contacts settings is the entertaining option that allows you to distinguish them from others by creating custom vibration patterns for your contacts.

See what apps are popular near you

If you want to see what apps are used by people surrounding, go to App Store and tap on “Near me”.

Tap longer for more characters

One of the things that may have been hidden from you is that you can access to many letters and symbols from the iOS keyboard with a single long press. For example, if you tap on $ for long you can access to many other money symbols.

Time stamp

Go to any of your text messages, and pull it from right to left and you will see the time you have sent the messages.

Bursts Photo

Due to iPhone’s processor speed you can capture many pictures in seconds. This feature will be very interesting for shooting sports scenes, children, special moments.

Increase battery life

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The Spotlight feature is really useful for quickly capturing information on your phone. However, this tool needs to constantly check your phone for the latest changes and registration. To reduce the effect on your phone’s battery life, go to the “Settings” and tap “General” after choosing General, tap on “Spotlight”. Then unmark the items you do not want to register and list.

Learn more about Occupations

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Business owners can store office information, including its location on the map, hours of work, etc. in QR codes. Others can access to the information by scanning them.

Direct contact with people

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Like sending a message, you can contact a person by scanning QR codes directly without dialing the phone number.

Camera flash notifies you

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Sometimes when you are in darkness and your phone is on a surface with face, especially when it is silent, you are not aware of phone calls or messages. If you want to get notification in such conditions, you can turn on camera flash for notifications. To do this go to “Settings” and then “General” tap on “Accessibility” and go to “LED Flash for Alerts” and turn it on.

Hide photo

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It happens when someone ask you for your phone to see your photos. Probably they go through “Camera Roll” because all photos are available there. If you don’t want them see some of your pictures you don’t need to delete them. Go to that specific photo or select photos then tap on share icon. It will provide you some options and select “Hide”. You will be given your hidden pictures in a separate folder.


One of the most exciting thing about iPhone is “Siri”. Here are some cool things to do with your iPhone through Siri.

  • Set a reminder with Siri
  • Set alarm
  • Turn on timer
  • Information about “now playing” songs

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