Download Android ISO Image for VMware and VirtualBox

Get the direct links to Download Android ISO Image for VMware and VirtualBox

Are you wondering or trying to download Android ISO images for VMware and VirtualBox? If yes, then we are going to provide you the direct links to Download Android ISO Image for VMware and VirtualBox.

According to Google Android operating system has 3 billion active users in 190 countries across the world. Therefore, you can understand how popular the Android operating system is, the demand for Android devices is getting increased day by day. And we are getting more advanced Android devices which are far better than the other devices.

As technology lovers, we might think that IOS is the most popular operating system but in fact, Android is at the top across the world and is used by most of the countries. However, you should try the latest version of Android because it contains too many features.

So, now it’s time to use the Android operating system on other platforms such as virtualization software. Visualization software we’ll give you a very clean and comfortable environment where you can install all operating systems without facing any difficulties. Due to this, today we are going to provide you Android ISO image for virtual machines. Keep in mind that without an Android ISO image you won’t be able to install it on the virtual machines.

Right now in the market, we have two most popular virtualization software that is VMware and VirtualBox. These virtual machines will give a 100% comfortable environment same as your physical computer. You can test every feature of the operating system on virtual machines. But if you have an ISO image of an operating system then you can easily install it on VMware and VirtualBox. Most of the people use VMware and VirtualBox in order to use macOS because most of them don’t have a Mac.

What is Android-x86 For?

Before moving towards Android-x86, you have to know that the first Android operating system was released in November 2007. However, Android-x86 is an open-source project that makes an unofficial porting of the Android mobile operating system developed by the Open Handset Alliance to run on devices powered by x86 processors, rather than RISC-based ARM chips.

Android x86 is the same as other versions of the Android operating system but you can use it specifically for the desktop. If you are willing to run the Android operating system on Linux, Windows, or macOS then Android X86 will be the best and perfect option for you to test. Because it’s the only Android that you can run on your PC even if it’s on virtual machines like VMWare or VirtualBox. So, it’s also good that if you’re running Android on many devices then it keeps your settings, apps, Google services, and layout aligned with each other. If you’re wearing about then how we can install Android onto your device, Android x86 made it easy for you to install it onto your devices.

Android 13 Latest Features

  • Unique and new changes
  • Functionality improvements
  • Security and privacy updates
  • Notifications permission
  • Integrate fast pair
  • Under-the-hood upgrades
  • Different languages for every app
  • Copy text from images
  • Photo picker
  • Privacy Dashboard
  • Revamped media player
  • Improvements in copy and paste
  • Tablet support
  • Fast QR code scanner
  • Smart home control
  • Bluetooth LE Audio Support
  • Double tap for flashlights

Android ISO Image for VMware and VirtualBox

if you’re looking for the latest version of Android to download and install on VMware and VirtualBox. Then this specific article will give you a direct link to download Android ISO Image for VMware and VirtualBox. Scroll down and download them with one click.

Download Android ISO Image for VMware and VirtualBox

You have to remember that we have uploaded the Android ISO image latest version in Google Drive so that you can easily download it with just one click. So, go ahead end download the Android ISO file for VMware and VirtualBox.

You can also download another version of Android from the links down below

Download Android VDI File for VMware and VirtualBox

LineageOS 14.1 R5

Android-x86 9.0-R2 Pie

Android-x86 9.0-R1 Pie

The Android ISO Images are somehow large in size, for that you need to have a speed and strong Internet connection in order to download all the bulk files. If you want to download all the files in a good speed then you have to use the Internet download manager because it’s the only tool that helps you to download faster than ever.

So, I hope you got the link to Download Android ISO VMware and VirtualBox. If you have any question or encounter any problems during the downloading process then please let us know in the comments section down below.


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