How to Download BGMI on iPhone in Pakistan

This guide will help you to easily Download BGMI on iPhone in Pakistan

If are you a fan of BGMI and want to play then this article is especially for those people who actually wish to play BGMI. For that, you have to read this article and follow the simple guide given below. Today’s guide is all about How to Download BGMI on iPhone in Pakistan.

Basically, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is popular worldwide and everyone is playing and trying to make their skills better. And if you know PUBG then you might hear about BGMI. PUBG has a global version and people can people from everywhere. If we talk about the BGMI then it is only for the people of India and is published by Krafton. BGMI is also an online multiplayer game and also similar to PUBG mobile. And PUBG is banned for the people of India. Moreover, BGMI launched two times the first time for Android and the second time for iOS. For Android, we get BGMI on 2 July 2021 and we get it on iOS on 18 August 2021.

As I said earlier that BGMI is for the people of India and they can play only. Then there will be a question that will be always asked. Can people play BGMI in Pakistan or other countries? The answer to this question will be always yes. The easy way we will show you and already given below is that you can play BGMI in Pakistan.

How PUBG Got Banned in India?

If you don’t PUBG is one of China’s games and then the previous year India banned many apps and games of China. It is just because the Ministry of Electronics have some complaint that their data is being stolen. After that complaint, they search for it and found something that they are actually stealing their sensitive data. When the investigation is done then they become sure about stealing the data. So, they decided to ban all china’s apps. Along with that PUBG got banned also.

How to Download BGMI on iPhone in Pakistan?

Step 1. Firstly, launch the App Store on your iPhone operating system.

Step 2. Then go to your Profile on the top right side of the screen.

Step 3. When you enter your profile then you have to click on your name and then type the password of your Apple ID.

Step 4. Click on the Country/Region.

Click on the Country/Region

Step 5. Now, tap on the Change Country or Region.

Tap on the Change Country or Region

Step 6. Next, you will the name of the countries simply you have to scroll down and find India then select it.


Step 7. Once you select the country then agree with all the terms and conditions.

Step 8. After that, you should choose none for the payment method.

Step 9. Go down somehow and you will get the section of the Billing address then type the name of the street in India in the first box and the other two are optional.

Step 10. And fill in the other requirements and then tap on Next at the top right corner side.

Step 11. Click on Done after that wait for a second and the App Store should be refreshed.

Step 12. At last, go to the search bar and search for BGMI, and then you the BGMI simply download it.

Once you successfully install BGMI then you have to select a VPN that should connect to the city of India, otherwise, you won’t be able to play.


We have provided a simple and easy and easy tutorial on How to Download BGMI on iPhone in Pakistan? I am sure that we have given an easy guide on the tutorial and again if you encountered any type of problem during the process of downloading BGMI on an iPhone in Pakistan. Then you can share your problem in the comment section and we will try to fix or find a solution for it. I have a given guide on 5 methods to delete apps which is useless for you on Mac and if you are aware of more ways then let us know in the comment section.

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