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How to Enable or Disable Maintenance Mode on Samsung Galaxy

If you have accidentally enabled maintenance mode on your phone then this article will help you to Disable Maintenance Mode on Samsung Galaxy

If you want to enable or disable maintenance mode then you need to read this article and follow the method which is given below. So, in the situation when you are trying to hide your sensitive data then this tutorial will definitely help you. Today’s guide is all about How to Enable or Disable Maintenance Mode on Samsung Galaxy

These days everyone cares about their privacy and we have to keep them secure. We always need to keep our personal data secure from someone who just wants to do something with our data. When your device is having any kind of issue and you sent it to the repair shop then you have to enable the maintenance mode. Moreover, if you are using an Android phone then you might aware of Maintenance mode which will hide all of your data if you don’t give permission to unhide. And if you want to hide personal data like messages, or pictures any more then you need to read this article. So, without wasting any time let’s get started.

How to Enable Maintenance Mode on Samsung

Step 1. Open the Settings of your Android phone.

Step 2. Then head towards the Battery and Device Care.

Battery and Device Care

Step 3. Now, go down by scrolling then click on the Maintenance Mode.

Disable Maintenance Mode on Samsung
Maintenance Mode

Step 4. Tap on the Turn On at the bottom center of the screen.

Step 5. Next, you have select Restart which will create a log for you, and after the process of restarting your device will be in maintenance mode.

Disable Maintenance Mode on Samsung

How to Disable Maintenance Mode on Samsung?

Step 1. Launch the Settings app.

Step 2. Go to the Battery and Device Care.

Step 3. Click on the Maintenance Mode.

Step 4. Select Exit after that tap on Restart.

Step 5. At last, type the password of your device.


Can I Make or Receive Calls in Maintenance Mode?

Of course, your Android operating system will be able to make and receive. While your device is in maintenance mode and your mobile phone is connected to the cell network. So, as usual, the maintenance mode will not affect phone calls.

Can I Message or Receive Messages While Maintenance Mode is Enabled?

No, you can not message someone or someone else can not message you. They can message you but you will receive it after when you turn off the maintenance mode. It will keep secure those messages from prying eyes. It is important to hide personal message notifications as it will stop other people to access your personal information like any essential code, bank details, and OPTs.

What Will Happen If I Enable Maintenance Mode?

Basically, when you are going to turn on this mode or you have already turned it on then this feature will provide an extra layer of protection to hide your personal data which you don’t want to reveal it. Many things will be hidden like media, contacts, messages, files, etc.


We have provided a simple and easy and easy tutorial on How to Enable or Disable Maintenance Mode on Samsung Galaxy. I am sure that we have given an easy guide on the tutorial and again if you encountered any type of problem during the process of enabling or disabling the maintenance mode. Then you can share your problem in the comment section and we will try to fix or find a solution for it. Or if you know any other way on this guide then share it with us and with our viewers.

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