How to Fix Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically on iPhone

Easily Fix Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically on iPhone

If you want to fix the issue of not playing videos automatically then you have to read the given guides which are mentioned below and do whatever I’ve shown. This is the right place for solving problems. Today’s guide is all about How to Fix Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically on iPhone.

Watching reels on Instagram is very high-level excitement and there are many people who are uploading reels every day. Basically, the reels that are playing then the videos are by default auto-played. Sometimes the video is paused and when you want to watch the video after that the video won’t start automatically. So, it is a frustrating moment for everyone and people just want to get rid of it. And we have shown some ways which I am sure it will help. Let’s not waste our time and get started with our procedure.

1. Fix the Internet Connection

Of course, watching videos on Instagram needs a good internet connection to play the video. For that, you have to try to change the connection from Wi-Fi to Cellular or from cellular to Wi-Fi. Check if the low data mode is turned on and if it is on then simply turn off it.

If you have an internet connection then you need to turn off the Wi-Fi connection for a while or you can turn off the router after that turn on the router and check if your problem is solved. And if you have cellular data then head toward Settings and go to Cellular after that turn on Instagram if it is not enabled.

2. Instagram’s Server Down

There is the thing that you will not be able to watch any reels on Instagram when the servers are down. And whenever the servers are down then DM someone or viewing photos will be prevented. Go to the Twitter Account Instagram where you will get all the news related to Instagram and if the servers are down then it will let you know.

3. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting our phone can fix several problems like fixing the small bugs which iPhone is having. It is the most common way that you can fix the issue which your phone is now suffering from. So, restart your iPhone operating system and check if the problem is solved.


4. Reset the Network Settings of Your Device

There is an option in the settings in which you can only reset the settings of your Network not resetting your device. Basically, if you reset the network settings then it might get refreshed and the condition will improve. Follow the given guide to reset the network settings.

Step 1. First of all, open the Settings of your device.

Step 2. Then go to the General after that click on Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Fix Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically
Click on Transfer or Reset iPhone

Step 3. Tap on the Reset.

Fix Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically
Tap on the Reset

Step 4. Finally, click on Reset Network Settings.

Fix Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically
Reset Network Settings

5. Update to Its Latest Version

Every time Instagram is bringing on a new feature and makes more improvements. Whenever they roll out new features then we have to update to the latest version of Instagram to access all the new features. So, you have to check out from the App Store if the app requires an update. If it shows the to update then update the Instagram.


We have provided a simple and easy and easy tutorial on How to Fix Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically on iPhone. I am sure that we have given an easy guide on the tutorial and again if you encountered any type of problem during the process of fixing Instagram not playing videos automatically. Then you can share your problem in the comment section and we will try to fix or find a solution for it. There might be more ways related to this article and if you know then let us know in the comment section.

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