iPhone SE info

iPhone SE info

Have you ever asked yourselves that what is the best small smartphone?

May be your friends have discussed about their desires for a small smartphone.

What is your desire for a small smartphone?

After Apple’s many iPhones’ released iPhone SE is the loveliest of all because of the small size but not small in quality.

First part of iPhone SE info:

iPhone SE looks familiar because it’s the iPhone 5s’ body with all the same features from the iPhone 6s. All the high-end phones these days are big phones that have got bigger screens. Mostly people ask everywhere “what is the best small smartphone you can get that doesn’t make any compromises?” will be cool to see more of those. well this phone is definitely small so it looks like it’s kind of trying to fill those shoes. So yeah it really is the iPhone 5 and 5s’ body and all its rectangular chamfered glory. Its square design is definitely easier to hold with those flat sides than the round iPhones we have now.

The other way you can say you have an iPhone SE not an iPhone 5 is rose-gold color or the little SE badge on the back which apparently stands for Special Edition, that’s it. Otherwise it looks the same.

iPhone SE


First of all, a smaller phone makes it easier especially for people with small hands to reach all four corners of the display. And that’s important to be able to do that without adjusting your grip. It’s comfortable. So it’s great for all those top left corner buttons in iOS and then the smaller phone is just generally easier to handle. Its less phone in the pocket less in the hand. It’s also a bit lighter.


iPhone SE

Qualities of iPhone SE:

The same that you got used to bigger phones you get used to this as well. But there are downsides though. It’s good to report that performance is not a problem. At all the iPhone SE has most the same features from the newest iPhone including the specs so you get an A9 shape and 2GB of RAM for low res display. So basically performance is a breeze here everything is smooth, multitasking is great. That’s what you would expect. And the camera upgrade is also far from the iPhone 6s. So a new 12-megapixel sensor and a slightly smaller aperture has these taking very similar photos and 4k videos to the iPhone 6s. There is no optical image stabilization but everything else is on point, the auto focus is super quick, there is a quick shutter that you are used to from other iPhones.

I’ll go right ahead and say this is the best camera in a small smart phone. And the front facing camera unfortunately didn’t get the same upgrade treatments. So you are getting a pretty weak 1.2-megapixel shooter here. It’s not awful, sorry for selfie people. And there is another little thing that just set it back a little bit like it has touch ID but it’s the older first gen touch ID. So it feels just a little bit slower. And there is no force touch pressure sensitivity again from the new iPhones. So no force touching shortcuts and stuff like live photos uses a long press instead.

Battery of iPhone SE:

After iPhone SE info now I think again if Apple had designed a new small iPhone they would have all of those things; they’d have the new touch ID and force touch. But again since they recycle the old body, there is not quite enough room for that. It is pretty much everything you need to know about using an iPhone SE the one thing that surprised me actually was battery life. It is a small phone and it has a small 1642 milliamp hour battery but the life is actually very good.

Everything else fell right in line where it was expected.

After using it for a while especially for reach ability I kind of get the desire for smaller phones.

Hope you enjoyed with the iPhone SE info.

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