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Good skin care routine

Every woman has the desire to have a beautiful, clear and glowing skin. We often do make up in a hurry but we ignore the most important points about skin care. You can achieve beauty by following a series of simple tips with good skin care routine.

Good skin care routine

  • Proper nutrition
  • Basic skin care (cleaning, moisturizing and milk cleansing)
  • Good diet
  • Sunscrean
  • Correct make up

Here are the tricks for good skin care routine:

  • Proper nutrition:

for having a healthy skin, beside a proper use of cosmetics you need a healthy diet as well. Healthy diet contains vegetable and fresh fruits fish and food which are rich in Vitamins A B C E and antioxidant. Having a large amount of these vitamins can help skin in staying young and healthy, renovating, making collagen and moisturizing. Use natural foods as much as possible and avoid fast foods.

  • Basic skin care :

Basic and regular skin care for every woman in the morning and night is necessarily made up of three steps.

  • Cleaning
  • Moisturizing
  • Milk cleansing

Even if you don’t have time it is very important to clean and moisturize your skin.

  •  Good diet:

You can do many things regarding good diet for skin care. Like applying peel off mask for removing dead cells and growth of new cells. This process can be done by rubbing the face with hands. Masks that contain vitamins and mineral substances can be effective in removing wrinkles of face, scaling off dry skin, skin inflammation, and treating lethargic and effete skin. Your skin will become smoother and cleaner and you will feel younger. Serums are powerful blend ingredients that are used in beauty products. Dense material is placed inside these serums, which can penetrate into the skin more compactly, faster and deeper. Serums can resolve some of the skin’s problems, such as dehydration, opaque and lethargic condition of face.

  • Sunscrean:

good skin care routine -

Saying about the importance of sunscreens does not need to be repeated! The reason why sunscreens are important is that the first factor in aging and skin damage is “exposure to sunlight!” Skin protection against sunlight is the most important skin care that should be taken into consideration on a daily basis. Exposure to sunlight causes wrinkles in the face and the appearance of high-stained spots that are caused by damage to the middle membrane of the skin. The damage caused by sunlight can even cause skin cancers.

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  • correct make up:

good skin care routine -

The best way to improve your makeup is to use the base that can smooth your damp skin. A moisturized skin can really make your face look great. Each beautician will tell you that it is very important to start a makeup on a face with a soft cleanser. Use a clean cloth to nourish the skin or cover patches or other unpleasant things on the skin. It is important to use good and suitable products for your skin type and color. Proper skin care and good skin care routine begin with knowing your skin type.

There are 5 types of skin:

  1. dry
  2. normal
  3. oily
  4. sensitive 
  5. combination

Before you buy any kind of cosmetics you should know exactly what your skin type is. This will help you buy the best healthcare products for your skin. Then choose the right color for your skin. Applying base with inappropriate colors shows your skin unhealthy and tired. Never use base the way to appear like you have applied mask. An appropriate combination can enhance your skin look natural. To determine which color is appropriate for substratum of your skin, first test it on your jaw lines. The proper color is the color which disappears on the skin.

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