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Habits of effective people

In a lot of ways busyness has become glorified in our society, you see someone else who’s working really hard and you feel like it’s a bit of a competition.  If you are not being as busy as they are then maybe you’re just being lazy but you see being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being more effective with your time. A busy person might take an hour to get a task done that an effective person could get done in about 15 minutes. So let me ask you, would you rather be a busy person or an effective person? What is your opinion about habits of effective people?

In this article you are going to explore some characteristics and habits of effective people.

Habits of effective People:

  • Being Proactive
  • Reading a lot
  • Finding most productive time
  • Scheduling
  • self-care

Being Proactive

Effective people focus their time and energy on things that they can control, like scheduling their time or focusing on healthy habits. The thing you won’t see them doing is complaining about things that are out of their control. Really what good does it do to complain about the people or for instance weather?

habits of effective people -

You see three things that crush all the productivity and effectiveness are:

  • comparing
  • criticizing
  • and complaining

You need to remember that you do have control over your mindset so let’s say for example that you are comparing yourself to someone else, maybe you envy their work or their healthy lifestyle choices often comparing them leads to self-criticism and then we go on to complain about it to our family or friends. So you see how it becomes a bit of a vicious loop of things we let our mind focus on precious mental energy that could instead be used to work on something constructive so be proactive realize that you can take charge and break the chain anytime you feel yourself emotionally effected by external stimuli.

For becoming an effective person you have to work on those things that you really truly value, things that are really important to you and then offer a sense of fulfillment.

Reading a lot

You might have heard that one habit of ultra-successful people is that they read a lot. The wonderful thing about reading or listening to books is that you can chip away at it during your downtime like you are in commute or just before bed or setting it to play while you’re cleaning or cooking but for those of you who feel you just don’t have the time to go through an entire book there’s an App I recommend called “Blinkist”.  Essentially what blinkist does is they take the insights from thousands of different books and they compress it into 15 minutes that you can either read or listen to on the go.

habits of effective people - trickestan.comFinding most productive time

Some people work better in the morning some after lunch and others are more efficient in the evenings. What you need to do is to make sure that you schedule your most important thought and labor-intensive tasks during that period of time you know you’re going to be the most productive and then leave the filler more mindless activities like responding your emails maybe for when you know your energy tends to be a bit more drained.


Now that we know when we’re the most productive it’s time to schedule our day and I recommend you to schedule it a day before that way you are not spending any precious mental energy first thing in the morning trying to figure out what you need to do.


We need to take the time for breaks and self-care or we are not going to be as effective so it’s important that when you are scheduling your day you also take the time to schedule your breaks, both shorts and long ones that way you don’t feel guilty for taking so much needed time off.

There’s a long-standing debate about whether multitasking allows us to be more effective or less effective and a lot of research is just coming down to just depends on what area you work in.

Are you somebody who is a more efficient multitasker or more of a one-at-a-time kind of person?

Less being busy more being effective!

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