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How to change your iPhone 10 to iPhone 11 pro

change your iPhone 10 to iPhone 11 pro max

In today’s lifestyle, the brand plays a very important role in people`s life. When it comes to technology the apple company has the top name and position in technology brands. After sometimes the new models of the iPhone come out. Some people buy it because they need the new features which are updated in new iPhones but some buy it because they want to stand with Johnsons and show off that they have the ability to buy the most expensive and branded phones of the day.

Fortunately, the new design of the iPhone is so helpful for those who have iPhone 10 and they have the desire of having iPhone 11 as well to show to the public that they are not a step back than other modern and rich people.

There are two ways to have an iPhone 11 pro max:

  • Buy it
  • make it

One way is to have the amount of money that iPhone 11 pro max needs and buy your brand new iPhone 11 pro max.
The second way; if you do not have money or you do not want to spend that amount of money for iPhone 11 pro max, you can change your iPhone 10`s look to the latest version of the iPhone which is iPhone 11 pro max.

 iPhone 10 to iPhone 11 -
Here you go
All you need is your iPhone 10 and magical stuff which will help you save your money and at the same time show off as the owner of an iPhone 11 pro max.

 iPhone 10 to iPhone 11 -
The iPhone 11 pro max camera sticker is a money saver for those who love to buy the latest version of the iPhone and they do not have money.
The iPhone 11 pro max camera sticker is available in many colors such as; Gold, Silver, Black and midnight green.

 iPhone 10 to iPhone 11 -
And there are three kinds of magical camera stickers:

  • So flat and far from iPhone 11 pro max look
  • Similar to iPhone 11 pro max
  • With a hole for flashlight

Let’s see which one has the most similar look and which one you will choose.
The first one is so flat and when you apply it and it looks so surreal, so let’s not think of applying it.

 iPhone 10 to iPhone 11 -
The second one you apply and you see that it looks so similar to iPhone 11.
But here is a problem; the apple logo on both phones is in different positions. in iPhone 10 the iPhone logo is high and in iPhone 11 the logo is in the middle and it is bigger. And there is an iPhone text at the bottom position of the iPhone 10 and the iPhone 11 has no iPhone text at back.
But no worries! we have a solution for this as well. By putting the case you can hide all the differences. And if you don’t like to use the case also there is a solution. By putting a tempered glass back cover at back. But the problem is that the flashlight does not work anymore, because the iPhone 10 flashlight is hidden beside the camera sticker.

 iPhone 10 to iPhone 11 -
And now let’s see the third one; here you apply the camera sticker and the cover. But because of the hole that is available in the third sticker, you can turn on your flashlight as well.

 iPhone 10 to iPhone 11 -
Now your iPhone 10 looks like iPhone 11 pro max.

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