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How to deal with iPhone storage almost full?

At first we have to accept that iPhone is oppressing its users by selling the cheapest iPhones with 16 GB internal storage. Certainly, the company can make no harm to sell the 32GB iPhone with the cheapest price. And do not even sell iPhone with 16 GB anymore. But no other way except coming along with this problem (iPhone storage almost full).

iPhone storage almost full - trickestan,com

Considering this, for a variety of reasons, you may be among those users who own a 16GB iPhone. Maybe the purchase of this iPhone was possible for you or you have been advised that you could not pass it. You might have not judged correctly about the amount of space you will need using your phone. And later on you have come to know about your mistake that you have run out of space with recording HD videos, downloading your favorite apps and downloading YouTube videos for watching offline. But you most of the time face the annoying message  that “iPhone storage almost full”.

Whatever the reason is, you can make a good experience of using iPhone with observing these tips. You can make just these small changes or you can solve the problem with money.

These tricks here will help you see the “iPhone storage almost full” message the least.

How to fix “iPhone storage almost full”?

  • find the heaviest
  • Consider your pixels
  • Use cloud memory
  • Try a magic trick
  • Add external space

Find the heaviest:

iPhone storage almost full - trickestan,com

Finding the most occupying apps is a very important case in making more space in iPhone. The heaviest files are shown down.

  1. Photos and videos
  2. Music and podcast
  3. Games

It’s worth noting that the more you clean up the app and the media you do not need, the more space you have to store what you want. To get accurate statistics about what space your phone occupies, go to the “settings” and go to “General”, “Storage” & “iCloud Usage”, and finally select “Manage Storage”.

Keep in mind, you can download and install it only when you need a particular app; it’s not necessary for the app to always be installed on your phone.

Also, do not forget that you can use the web version of some apps. As an example, the Facebook app employs 660 megabytes of space on the phone and dramatically consumes battery power; so by clearing it and opening this website in the browser, you can have best of both worlds, opening your target website and having free space.

Consider your pixels:

With every new iPhone, Apple uses a more powerful camera to capture images and record video. In terms of output quality, camera images get better, but they also occupy more space more pixels mean larger files as well.

iPhone storage almost full - trickestan,com

Interestingly, most of our photos are seen on the same phone or shared on Facebook and Instagram, so we do not need such megapixels. Even 1080p video is too high for a smartphone and tablet. The short clips that you capture are well received on the 720p video on the screen, while still having less space.

To reduce the video resolution, go to “settings” and then “Photos” & “Camera”, and select the “Record Video option” at the bottom of the screen. If you shoot with 4k or 1080p / 60fps resolution, reduce it to 1080p / 30fps or even 720p. You probably will not notice a change in the quality of it, and you are now saving a lot of space. Unfortunately, Apple’s camera does not allow you to capture images with less resolution. Instead of changing the resolution of the images, use the various camera apps to capture photos.

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Use cloud memory:

As we mentioned earlier, photos and videos can be filled up faster than the 16GB iPhone’s end-user rights. Fortunately, iOS can help you: Optimize iPhone Storage Whether you upload images to your cloud account and clear them from the device, keep “optimized” versions (read at low resolution) on the device and keep the original copies online. To enable this feature, you need to consider activating it only if you really do not have space, go to the “settings” and choose “iCloud” and “Photos”, respectively. Make sure iCloud Photo Library is enabled; then touch Optimize iPhone Storage.

iPhone storage almost full - trickestan,com

It may take some time to complete the optimization and it’s unclear how much your memory will work for you; however, it’s useful if you do not have any other way to empty it. Incredibly, 5GB of Apple’s free iCloud account will not be enough to save all your media. Fortunately, buying more space is not so expensive. Apple will charge 99 cents a month for additional information to store 50 GB of data.

You may now be sharing with another cloud storage service, apps like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive you can also sync your photos with a cloud account, and then you can remove the original photos from your phone. It’s interesting to know that Flickr offers 1 terabyte of free storage for your iPhone camera. Whenever you install one of these applications, make sure you have enabled Background Upload (this feature is usually disabled by default). In this way, images are uploaded even when you’re doing something else. Unfortunately, this feature may need to enable the location service to use, so it can also greatly affect the life of the phone battery.

Try a magic trick:

If you have a shortage of space that you cannot even get another picture with the camera, let alone installing a new app or updating iOS, there is a strange trick that can help you free up hundreds of megabytes or even several gigabytes. The trick is like this: you need to rent and download a movie that your phone does not have. Then do it several times. Apparently this will increase the free space of the phone! Why? The reason for this strange behavior is still unknown.

Add external space:

iPhone storage almost full - trickestan,com

As we mentioned earlier, Apple is oppressing its users, which is why the iPhone does not have a memory card position. This means that if you want to empty your photos and videos or carry a large collection of music and files around you, you have no way ahead of you. Do you? Not true. You can add extra storage to your iPhone or iPad; the only thing that’s there is this space should be externally.

Tricks for seeing “iPhone storage almost full” the least.

This memory can have the appearance of a drive that comes with a cable (which is not unlikely to be a USB flash drive), or even a wireless media hub, which is a portable wireless drive. Each of these products has their own goodness and badness. You can connect the $ 50 MicroUSB Leef iAccess card to your iPhone’s Lightning port, which extends behind the phone (to fit the phone’s frame). It can read up to 128 GB of data on the cards at last. This amount of space for any device from Apple can be very useful.

It even allows you to capture images and record video directly in the card, and you will no longer be limited to your phone space (one of the less-known models of the company, the Leef iBridge, has a 16GB fixed memory and is sold for $ 60). Similar solutions include the “HooToo” (32 GB for $ 50) flash drive and the SanDisk iExpand flash drive, which has a USB 3.0 on its end to easily transfer data to the user’s PC.

These drives have two key features: you can easily connect and use them to the device and no longer need to be charged. Any additional device will be connected to your phone. If you do not like this extra part, you can consider wireless media hubs. Their idea is similar to those of the same devices, except that they use a Wi-Fi connection instead of the Lightning cable.

For example, Wireless “MyPassport” of “Western Digital”  has two versions of 1 and 2 terabytes. It can back up your photos and give you access to music, video, and other files, but it’s starting at $ 150 and carrying it in the pocket is a bit tricky.

If you are looking for a solution that’s easier to use with the mobile, you can check “Ravpower Filehub”; a device that you can read through the memory card and drive data is priced between $ 30 and $ 40.

iPhone storage almost full - trickestan,com

It can also act as a hotspot Wi-Fi and even charge your mobile phone. Maybe you’ll be surprised to see these features in one device. Remember the only limitation of all these ways: you cannot distribute protected DRM music and videos. The music you bought from iTunes or Spotify. These extras are good only for your own media.

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