iPhone 7 tips and tricks

Do you want to get idea about iPhone 7 tips and tricks? If you have bought iPhone 7 and you are excited for using it which has obviously newer things than previous iPhones, you can follow these tips and tricks to use it in best way.

iPhone 7 tips and tricks:

  • Hard reset
  • Cursor control
  • Clear all notifications at once
  • Scan documents
  • Prioritize downloads 3D touch
  • Show parked location
  • Raise to wake
  • 3D touch of command center
  • App switcher activation
  • Add widgets


  • Hard reset:

iphone 7 tips and tricks -

How do you deal if your phone can not go off your home screen or it is frozen? Before you could solve it with holding power button and home button for almost 10 seconds and it could reboot automatically. But it doesn’t work out for iPhone 7. It has got a different trick. All you have to do is; hold power button plus the low volume button and it will do the same trick we used for other iPhones. Your phone will turn off automatically. Press the power button again and it will hard reset.

iPhone secret buttons

  • Cursor control:

iphone 7 tips and tricks -

A problem that iPhone has, you cannot change a specific letter in a text by clicking on. But here with iPhone 7 you can do it easily. Touch on anywhere on the keyboard and then it is going to work like a trackpad and then it can go anywhere you want and put the cursor anywhere you like.

  • Clear all notifications at once:

iphone 7 tips and tricks -

You can clear all your notification with the force touch. Instead of clearing all notifications one by one you can clear all notifications even of one month by just one force touch on the x sign at top right of all notifications.

  • Scan documents:

iphone 7 tips and tricks -

Your Notes app can scan your documents. If you want to find any document, start a new note, and press the “plus” sign above the keyboard. Choose select documents and point the camera at the document you want to scan. The Notes app will capture a picture of that after it finds that. And save it.

  • Prioritize downloads 3D touch:

iphone 7 tips and tricks -

When you have more than one application downloading, if you force touch on them, you can prioritize download which is pretty cool. If you want one of them to download faster, you can prioritize that. The one you prioritize is going to download first. And you can also pause, cancel or share.

  • Show parked location:

iphone 7 tips and tricks -

If your car has Bluetooth, this one will be amazing for you. You can see where you have parked your car last time or where your car is right now. It works if you connect your Bluetooth to your car’s Bluetooth. If you want to get aware of your car so go to settings, go to maps, and you will see an option “show parked car”, turn it on so that whenever you park your car somewhere then it records the information and will tell you where your car is. It will appear on today view.

It is not possible if your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, because the only way that you can get this information with, is Bluetooth.

  • Raise to wake:

iphone 7 tips and tricks -

One feature of iPhone 7 that iPhone 6s also has is if you pick up your phone and raise it your screen will wake. It may be annoying for some people. If you don’t like it, you can turn off this feature. Go to settings, click on “Display and brightness”, and turn off “Raise to wake”.

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  • 3D touch of command center:

iphone 7 tips and tricks -

On command center the four shortcut buttons interact with force touch. If you force touch on your flashlight, you can choose if you really need a bright light, a medium or a low light. And next your timer, you can choose one minute, five minutes, twenty minutes or one hour. By force touch on your calculator you will be shown your last copied result. And for camera you have four options: take selfie, record video, record Slo-mo and take photo.

  • App switcher activation:

iphone 7 tips and tricks -

If you are on home screen you don’t need to double tap on your home button to open the app switcher, where you can see all the apps that are opened on your phone. What you have to do is; force on the very left edge of the screen and you will access to opened apps. And if you tap with force touch again but then scroll right very fast, you go to the previous app you had opened.

  • Add widgets:

iphone 7 tips and tricks -

If you force touch on some specific apps they will give you some information about that app. On top of that app it is written add widget. If you tap on that it will be added on your date page.

And finally after all iPhone 7 tips and tricks we come to the coolest feature of this beautiful smart phone which is “water proof”. We have examined it many times with many iPhones, and the result is shown here. It worked all right after we took it in water.


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