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As you know, the iPhone does not allow users to select any song as a ringtone. In fact, you are only allowed to choose one of the preset tones of the iPhone as your iphone ringtone. Here you can have some tricks to make your ringtone according to your own choice.

iPhone ringtone -

If you want to make your iPhone ringtone from your songs in your phone, download the free “Ringtone Maker” app from “iTunes” and install it on your phone.

iPhone ringtone -

After installing and unlocking the app, just put your favorite music on the phone and pick it up so that your iPhone will pick it up as your ringtone.

You have to select a 30-second part of the song and edit it with the settings that this program provides, you can increase the speed of song or slow down the song, and change how it starts and ends.

Finally, your file is stored in the “iTunes File Sharing” folder and you can use it as often as you like.

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