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iPhone SE 2 is going to be an amazing and cheap iPhone in 2018. It is said that iPhone is going to release 4 new iPhones in 2018 up to date (this number may even increase). These phones will be “Updated iPhone 10, iPhone 10 Plus, Entry level iPhone and iPhone SE 2”.  In March 2016 Apple unveiled a very cool smartphone similar to iPhone 5S as in it way body of iPhone 6S with the specs of another phone which was “iPhone SE“.

iPhone se 2 -
iPhone SE

iPhone SE 2 2018

iPhone se 2 -

iPhone SE 2 will be 6.1 inches iPhone with the same iPhone 10 design a slightly lower display resolution. But still it is going to be the same PPI as on the iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and iPhone 6.

iPhone SE 2 release date

iPhone SE 2 is not completely conformed yet. Let’s see when Apple will announce it. People keep saying that the iPhone SE 2 will be released in May. And again this may happen in early June. But the matter is that in next few months we will see the new iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE 2 rumors and iPhone SE 2 leaks

iPhone se 2 -


And here comes the question “How will be the look of iPhone SE 2?” This is a kind of just controversy, because we are not completely sure. Its either going to return aluminum backing or it will switch over to the glass and add the wireless charging. Apple will keep this phone cheap. What people will not like is the fact of the headphone jack is going to be gone. For sure there is no reason for Apple to keep it around anymore and they won’t. Regardless of glass or aluminum the iPhone SE 2 will look basically the same from the front.

iPhone SE 2 specification

iPhone se 2 -

Touch ID and the home button will remain although I hope there will be second generation touch ID. It is also said if the design is like iPhone 10 so we will have Face ID as well.

iPhone SE 2 camera

iPhone se 2 -

For the camera we will see the iPhone 7 sensor on the back with 12 megapixels which is similar to the first generation iPhone SE. so while this is not a boost in megapixels I think that is okay. And it is still a good camera and what is even better is that there is not going to be annoying bump like with the iPhone 10 or any other newer iPhone. The front facing camera is going to be up to 5 megapixels which will be a huge improvement over the 2 megapixel camera it has now that’s definitely something that will be much appreciated for internals this is where I want to get things straight.

iPhone SE 2 space / memory

Many people have say that iPhone SE 2 will have an 11 chip that is not going to happen because it is very unlikely. There is nothing backing this up whatsoever and what there has been is rumors saying that will have the 10 chip which makes more sense. It will also still have 2 GB of ram and a 32 or 128 GB of storage. So it will be the same but with the better chip-set.

iPhone SE 2 price

Talking about how much is this actually even going to cost. As far as I know this has not really been confirmed by anybody but the price will likely range from about $450 to $550. I don’t really think Apple is going to keep it at $350 that just seems a little bit low for a brand new phone if it has an aluminum build, it will probably go for $450 but if it is glass I would assume that it would be higher. Obviously this is all just speculation but all in all it still will be what I would consider a budget phone or at least a budget iPhone so that is about it. It will be a better faster iPhone SE and it will be coming very soon.

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