iPhone tricks

iPhone tricks: In this article I’m giving away some very interesting and unique tricks for iOS 10. Some of these are going to be specific to the iPhone 7 and 7Plus. But I am sure a lot of these you have not seen anywhere.

iPhone Tricks

So lets get started.

Trick 1

The first one is due to YouTube.

iPhone tricks -

When you play a video on YouTube and go back to the home screen, you can not hear the playback. So if you want to listen to a podcast or anything like that while your device is off or on sleep mode, you can not do that. Well the solution for this is go to the Safari web browser, and find out the that you want to play, click play and then go to your home screen. Then bring up the Control Center and continue playing it. You can play or pause and control it from Control Center. Now you can also lock your device and control it from the screen. So that is how you can get around from the limitation of not being able to hear YouTube videos in the background on your iOS device, just use the Safari web browser.

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Trick 2

And secondly I want to talk about the speaker audio output on the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. (iPhone tricks)

iPhone tricks -


We know that both speakers serve as stereo sound but if you want the speaker on the top to only output the audio on the “Face Time” call on a video call or on a playback from a video. All you have to do is go to “Settings” then you want to go over into “General” then “Accessibility” and then you scroll down where you see the “Left” and “Right”. Take your iPhone Landscape, There is going to be the balance for the speaker the left one is going to be the one which is on the left side, the one on the right is going to be for the right side. When you play any audio you can hear it from left if you turn the button to left side, and the same if you take the button to right side you can hear the audio from right side.

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Now another trick from iPhone is if you swap it around or turn it over, they are gonna switch the speaker on its own Because it understands the orientation of the device. To have it back to play both speakers just put it back in the center and you are all set and ready to go.

Trick 3

Third trick from iPhone tricks, talks about; sometimes you may be away from your phone, but you want to know who is calling you.

iPhone tricks -

In iOS 10 there is a brand new feature built into the “phone” tab and when you tap into the phone tap, you will see this option “announce calls”. This is going to allow the phone to tell you who is calling, and what type of phone call it is; it’s an audio Face Time, a video Face Time or standard call. In change the options here; “Headphones & Car” or “Headphones Only” , “Never” and “Always”.

You can try all the iPhone tricks on your iPhone, and I’m sure it will be so fun and interesting for you.

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