iPhone X tips and tricks

With entry of iPhone X we could see much excitements in those who were waiting for the latest version of iPhone. You would better get some information about iPhone X tips and tricks, in order to use your phone easily. iPhone X tips and tricks are coming new more and more. We will update all new iPhone X tips and tricks after we discover the new tricks and hidden features. It has been somehow difficult for iPhone X users to find the keys which used to work as screenshot, force reset or many other functions on previous iPhones. These iPhone X tips and tricks will guide you use your iPhone as a very well known habits of simple and smart phone.

iPhone X tips and tricks

  • Tap to wake
  • Screenshot
  • Face ID
  • Home button
  • Control center
  • Cover sheet (Notification)
  • Multi tasking bar
  • Animoji
  • Force reset
  • Siri
  • Turn off:
  • Apple Pay
  • Emergency SOS
  • Show Previews
  • Manage video quality for recording
  • How to move or delete apps?
  • Fill screen on YouTube
  • Authenticate with Face ID
  • Quiet alarm with Face ID
  • How to see battery percentage?
  • Switch Apps without App switcher
  • tap to wake:

By one tap on screen of your phone you can wake your phone. You don’t need to lift your phone to wake it like previous iphones. Since you don’t have home button as well you can just wake it by a tap on. When your phone is locked how can you access to camera and torch? The icons are shown on lock screen but you can not open them by tapping on them. by 3D touch (force touch) you can open camera and torch.

  • Screenshot:

In previous iPhones you could screenshot by pressing power button and home button at a time. But in iPhone X you can do this with pressing power button and volume up. It’s quite easy. Isn’t it?

  • Face ID:

Face ID is the new feature of iPhone X. You can unlock your phone by taking your phone in front of your face. After it recognizes your face it will unlock.

  • Home button:

Home button is always bottom of your screen and it works when you scroll it up. If you are on any App and you are done with the app you can swipe up to go home. It works even if your phone is landscape. You can turn on “Assistive touch” from settings to bring your surreal home button (the small circle) back. It works only as your home button.

  • Control center:

Right top corner is always control center even if you landscape your phone while watching videos.

  • Cover sheet (Notification):

iPhone X tips and tricks -

If you want to see your notifications you can scroll down the left top of your phone to see them. The actual part of notification is from left top of screen to the end of the knotch.

  • Multi tasking bar:

If you move up and the bottom bar and wait it will bring you the multi tasking bar. If you want to close Apps you should not slide the app up, because it works as home button. You can open multi tasking bar and with a long press it provides you a red circle with a dash on it at the top left position of the the apps. And you can remove them by a tap on the red circle or dragging them up.

  • Animoji:

Open Animoji in iMessage to make an emoji by your own face. Animoji records your face movement and your expression and your voice. Now you can send it to your friends instead of those boring old messages. This is the coolest thing I love about iPhone X.

  • Force reset:

For force reset of your iPhone you can press volume up them volume down and power button. Then it will provide you the power off option. If you keep holding it, your phone will restart.

  • Siri:

press and hold power button to access to Siri.

  • Turn off:

Hold power button and volume low button and it will provide “Power off” option and two other (Medical ID and Emergency Call) options. You can swipe the Power off option to turn off your iPhone.

  • Apple pay:

double tap power button for apple pay.

  • Emergency SOS:

Press 5 times power button and get access to SOS Emergency.

  • Show previews:

Show previews is enabled on your phones. Go to settings then to notifications and you will see show previews. Go through that and you will see three other options. If you put show previews on “always” every time you get a notification it shows on screen. If you put on “when Unlocked”, it will only show you the previews if you take your phone in front of your face and it is unlocked by Face ID. And if you put it on “Never”, it never shows you the information before you open it on it’s App.

  • Manage video quality for recording:

Go to “settings” then “Camera” and “Record video”, and you will be given a list of options where you can manage video quality by your choice.

  • How to move or delete Apps:

With a long press on any App you will see a condition like shown in picture. If you click on the cross icon at the top left of the Apps it will not delete the App. Make sure to tap on “done” at the top right side of your phone.

  • Fill screen on YouTube:

iPhone X tips and tricks -

If you are watching a video on YouTube and you want to take advantage of the whole screen of iPhone X, then pinch to zoom. And you can see it covers the entire screen of your iPhone X.

  • Authenticate with face ID:

iPhone X tips and tricks -

You can set “Face ID” for other apps available on your phones by turning on “Face ID” for other given Apps.

  • Quiet alarm with Face ID:

iPhone X tips and tricks -

  • How to see “Battery percentage”?

iPhone X tips and tricks -

Your Battery percentage is shown if you open the control center from the top right of your phone screen.

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  • Switch Apps without App switcher:

You can swipe along the the bottom from left to right and then cycle through all apps you have opened.

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