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How to Limit Dell Battery Charging to 80 Percent on Windows 10/11?

Did you get puzzled when you were limiting the Dell battery charging through various methods? But if you try the method which is mentioned below will surely help you. Today’s guide is all about How to Limit Dell Battery Charging to 80 Percent on Windows 10/11?

Limiting any operating system battery charging will help your device to take away the thermal runaway. And also you will observe an unstable condition inside the battery and battery system. These all problems will occur when your device is overcharging. It also will impact the lifetime. If you are not getting by the overcharging word then it means when your Laptop is charged to 100 percent (maximum capacity) again the Laptop is charging. The reason for overcharging can be that you mistakenly forget to turn off the switch. In order to not face batter problems, you have to Limit Dell Battery Charging to 80 Percent.

How to Limit Dell Battery Charging to 80 Percent on Windows 10/11?

If we are going to set a limit for charging then we can not find any kind of option for such things. Basically, you don’t the option if you want to limit battery charging then you need to set it up from the BIOS system, and this way is kinda hard. So, for that kind of circumstance, you need to use and take the help of software and that is Dell Power Manager.

Dell Power manager is software for limiting a battery charge. By using this software you can easily set any different limit for your battery charging. Besides that, you can also set alert notifications linked to the power adapter, battery, and many more things. Once you have set a limit for battery charging then your operating system will not be able to charge above that limit.

If you want to limit battery charging to 80 percent or to another percentage on your mobile then this software is also available for a mobile operating system and uses the facilities which are present on the Windows version. And Dell Power Manager software is available for Windows 10 or higher. So, follow the below steps to Limit Dell Battery Charging

Step 1. First, you have to download Dell Power Manager or you can also search on Microsoft Store to download it.

Step 2. Once you install the software then open it after that select Battery InformationĀ from the left side then click on Settings.

Limit Dell Battery Charging
Click on Settings

Step 3. Click on CustomĀ which is on the left pane then move the slider to 80.

Limit Dell Battery Charging

Step 4. At last, click on Ok, and then you are done.


We have provided a simple and easy and easy tutorial on How to Limit Dell Battery Charging to 80 Percent on Windows 10/11? I am sure that we have given an easy guide on the tutorial and again if you encountered any type of problem to limit Dell battery charging to 80 percent. Then you can share your problem in the comment section and we will try to fix or find a solution for it. Or if you know any other way on this guide then share it with us and with our viewers.

We will always try to find tips and tricks and solutions for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and the Internet. So, make sure to visit our blog daily and stay updated with the world of technology.

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