Secret iPhone Button

Secret iPhone button

Hey there, did you know that you can add extra/ secret buttons to your iPhone?

Secret iPhone button -

May be you had no idea of that, but the truth is that you can have secret iPhone button that work as “back button” and as “composed button”.


First and for most what you need to do for having the secret iPhone button is to buy the “smart screen protector”.

The smart screen protectors are available in online shopping like: Amazon and etc…

The smart screen protectors are available for almost all the iPhones.

The processes of applying the “smart screen protector” are that you have to:

1: clean off your device with the wipes (wipes are the professional screen cleaning paper) given with smart screen protector pack

2: now apply the smart/intelligent screen protector.

And that’s it.

It’s that easy.

And it is not expensive, the prices are from: $2.99 upto $11.23

It’s really good for those applications where you need the quick access to the top buttons

If you have the small hands and you are using iPhone 6S plus then the smart screen protectors are the best for you.

There are two spots in smart screen protector that work as buttons when applied to the iPhone.

The prices and functionalities of smart screen protectors explained below:

Smart+Buttons Glass Screen Protector – iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus

  • 33mm Tempered glass
  • Invisible Buttons offer convenient functionality from the bottom of your screen. No app or software necessary.
  • 3D touch compatible with case friendly fit
  • Unmistakably easy to install with perfect alignment tray
  • Scratch resistant, HD max clarity, bubble-free, and precision engineered for touch and swiping

Price: $6.34

iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector,

Rademax iPhone 6 Screen Protector

Tempered Glass HD Ultra Clear Screen Protector for iPhone 6 with an Invisible Return Button Handle iPhone with a Single Hand

  • Return easily with a invisible button. Nothing change in the look and no need power supply, you can operate your iphone6 with a single hand with this button.
  • High Sensitive Reaction – Made from the highest quality tempered glass with 100% bubble free adhesives, TrueTouch Sensitivity for a perfect protection on touch screen and preserves the original screen brightness.
  • Ultimate Clarity – 6 Tempered Glass, HD Clarity and Transparency, provides an effective barrier against everyday objects, leaving you with a crystal clear screen.
  • Designed for Apple iPhone 6 – Fits the iphone 6 perfectly with engineered opening for the front facing camera and speaker and a cut out for the button. Highly durable and scratch resistant.
  • Easy Installation – iPhone 6 screen protector glass tempered, take easy applicator for quick and flawless installation for iphone 6 with anti scratch anti fingerprint.

Price: $2.99

Tempered Glass with Smart + Buttons – iPhone 6s/6 for secret iPhone button

  • Premium Quality PureGear Brand
  • Error-Free Application Tray Ensures Perfect Alignment and No Bubbles
  • HD Clarity with a “case-friendly” fit
  • 9H Rating for Anti-Scratch, .48mm, Shatterproof Design
  • Invisible Buttons offer convenient functionality from the bottom of your screen. No app or software necessary

Price: $11.23

Tempered Glass for iPhone 7 Plus – Clear

  • 45mm tempered glass
  • Unmistakably easy to install
  • Scratch resistant
  • High clarity with precision engineered for touch and swiping
  • Case friendly fit

Price: $13.94

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