How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone and iPad?

If you are tired of Autocorrect on iPhone, then you can easily Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone and iPad

There are people who are getting frustrated then they want to say something and your device is changing them into different things then you want to get rid of that frustration. Today’s guide is all about How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone and iPad.

Autocorrect is an interesting feature of the iPhone operating system. Whenever you type a text which you want to send to someone and mistakenly misspelled it. In that situation, Autocorrect will help your make correct the spelling. This feature is loved by most of the users. On the other hand, users don’t like it they just want to turn off the Autocorrect feature. Because their style of typing is different from others and that’s why people want to disable it. If you want to turn off autocorrect then follow the below instruction as shown below.

What Does Autocorrect Do on iPhone?

It is the process of checking the spelling of that word if you have typed it wrong. Your device keyboard has a dictionary and this is the process that I am talking about. Basically, it finds the correct spelling for a particular word. Moreover, Autocorrect features are enabled by default for the operating systems. If anyone has spelling problems and always makes mistakes while typing. Then take the help of the to autocorrect feature which will predict and find the correct spelling of that words.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone and iPad?

Step 1. To disable autocorrect you have to open the SettingsĀ of your device.

Step 2. Scroll down then click on GeneralĀ after that select Keyboard.

Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone
Select Keyboard

Step 3. At last, turn off the toggle of Auto-Correction.

Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone

This toggle will disable autocorrect from your operating system if you want to enable it again. Then you have to go through the same steps.


We have provided a simple and easy tutorial on How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone and iPad? I am sure that we have given an easy guide on the tutorial and again if you encountered any type of problem while turning off the auto-correction feature on the iPhone operating system. Then you can share your problem in the comment section and we will try to fix or find a solution for it. Or if you know any other way on this guide then share it with us and with our viewers.

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