Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is a prominent software development company specializing in infrastructure design, construction, and operations. Founded in 1984 by Keith Bentley, the company has established itself as a leader in providing software solutions for architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) professionals. Bentley’s software helps organizations plan, design, build, and manage infrastructure projects more efficiently and sustainably.

Key Aspects of Bentley Systems’ Software Development:

  1. Infrastructure Software Solutions: Bentley offers a wide range of software solutions tailored for various stages of infrastructure projects, including design, analysis, simulation, construction, and operations. These solutions encompass areas such as roads, bridges, buildings, utilities, railways, and more.
  2. MicroStation: MicroStation is one of Bentley’s core products, serving as a comprehensive CAD and modeling software for infrastructure design. It’s widely used by architects, engineers, and drafters for creating accurate and detailed design models.
  3. OpenRoads: OpenRoads is Bentley’s design software suite for civil and transportation engineering projects. It supports the creation of intelligent 3D models, including road networks, highways, and transportation infrastructure.
  4. OpenBuildings: OpenBuildings offers solutions for building design and simulation, enabling architects and engineers to design, visualize, and analyze building projects with a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and performance.
  5. ProjectWise: ProjectWise is Bentley’s collaboration platform designed to improve project delivery by enabling multidiscipline teams to work together seamlessly. It facilitates document sharing, version control, and workflow management.
  6. AssetWise: AssetWise provides tools for managing and maintaining infrastructure assets throughout their lifecycle. It helps organizations with operations, maintenance, and performance management of their built assets.
  7. Digital Twins: Bentley’s digital twin solutions enable the creation of digital representations of physical assets. These digital twins offer real-time insights into asset performance, aiding in decision-making and predictive maintenance.
  8. Reality Modeling: Bentley’s reality modeling technology allows users to create accurate 3D models from photographs and scans of real-world infrastructure. This technology is used for visualization, analysis, and design validation.
  9. Cloud Services: Bentley has embraced cloud technology, offering cloud-based services for collaboration, storage, and analysis. This allows geographically distributed teams to work together efficiently and access resources remotely.
  10. Infrastructure Insights: Bentley’s software often integrates with data analytics and visualization tools, providing users with insights into the performance of infrastructure assets and projects.
  11. Sustainability: Bentley places an emphasis on sustainable infrastructure design and environmental considerations. Their software enables users to analyze the environmental impact of infrastructure projects and make informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint.
  12. Training and Resources: Bentley provides training, webinars, forums, and resources to help users make the most of their software suite.

In summary, Bentley Systems’ software development efforts are focused on providing comprehensive solutions that empower AECO professionals to plan, design, build, and manage infrastructure projects effectively. Their software suite contributes to more sustainable, efficient, and innovative infrastructure development and operations.

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