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Wavy hair hacks

The most beautiful thing about hair is, being curl and having the spring position on your back and around your face and look like waterfall. But taking care of wavy hair requires a lot of work and effort. If you brush your wavy hair a lot, it’s uncontrollable, tied up and disturbed. If you use too much of hairdressing products, it becomes loose, greasy and bemused. There are several types of wavy hair. Before you take care of your hair, you need to know what kind of tissue you have. Then get some ideas about wavy hair hacks.

wavy hair hacks

  • Know what kind of hair you have
  • Volume your wavy hair
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo
  • Apply moisturizing conditioner
  • Take hair mask once a week
  • Minimize use of hair dryer or hair stroke
  • Try to soften your hair deeply
  • Do not rub your hair in a towel
  • Try not to buy hair products which has alcohol as first ingredient

Wavy hair tricks

wavy hair hacks -

Does your hair have not-so-clear waves with about 5 centimeters width?
If your hair texture is soft, with not very specific curl, then your hair is wavy. And these wavy hair hacks can help you have the most beautiful hair. Because the wavy hair lays on your head, you should volume that. You can use a light gel to add volume when dressing your hair.

Medium curly hair tricks

wavy hair hacks -

Does your hair have stronger wave with sort of plump? If your curls are clearly visible and have a lot of volume and elasticity, then your hair is medium curly.( When arranging this hair texture, you should minimize the hair’s hair). Do not brush your hair. Instead, use the hair products with your fingers. Use a moisturizing shampoo and then a moisturizing conditioner. And lastly, for a sleek and distinctive curl, use an anti-hair product.

Wavy hair tricks of tight curls or tied hair (kinky curly)

wavy hair hacks -

This type of hair is very common among African-American people. These curls are very sturdy. This hair is very frail, fragile and susceptible to damage. Do not overdo this kind of hair because sturdy curl is susceptible to dryness. Instead use lots of conditioner. And for maximum moisturizing use hair mask once a week.

How to take care of wavy hair (wavy hair tricks)

wavy hair hacks -

Minimize the use of thermal tools to protect your hair. Heat can damage your hair. it can brittle, dry and rough your hair. Using hair dryer or hair stroke can disrupt the natural growth of your hair’ wave. And it causes dry and uncontrollable hair. You can use hair thermal tools, but not always. Let sleek and smooth hair be for special occasions, and prepare the hair perfectly before using a thermal tool. Use hair shields to prevent dryness or hair damage.

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take care of your hair with deep softening

Deep softening of the hair regularly is a beneficial wavy hair hack. Use a dense and moisturizer softening for hair length. Pay more attention to the ends of the hair. Then make a shower hat and cover your head. Let your hair (for 20 minutes) to get dry and to absorb all moisture. And then rinse the hair with lukewarm water not (not warm water). Warm water can damage or weaken your hair follicles.

Open the knots of the hair correctly

wavy hair hacks -

Do not brush your wavy hair carelessly. Excessive brushing can increase kinky hair. We recommend using a wide teeth comb and a soft spike brush. comb your hair When it is wet. Then use a curl cream and let your hair get dry naturally. Use brush only for opening big knots. When your hair is dry, brush it very carefully to make all knots open. Then wet your hands and refresh your hair again with curl cream. Let your hair get dry completely to have a very nice and beautiful wavy hair.

These Wavy hair hacks are the most common that every one with wavy hair should know about.

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